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Our Team

is composed by young Nuclear Medicine physicians, Haematologists
and Radiotherapists

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The PERL team

Young Nuclear Medicine physicians, Hematologists and Radiotherapists


The project PI

MD, PhD, Nuclear Medicine physician, head of TracerGLab GSTeP

Dr. Salvatore Annunziata

won a national grant on lymphoma PET radiomics and works on new PET tracers in several diseases at TracerGLab.

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MD, PhD, Nuclear Physician PERL co-PI, TracerGLab GSTeP, Direzione Scientifica IRCCS

Dr. Angela Collarino

works in Direzione Scientifica and with an international network on nuclear imaging in female cancer

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MD, Nuclear Physician, PERL fellow, TracerGLab GSTeP

Dr. Elizabeth Triumbari

is a fellow within the grant on lymphoma PET, with international experience on new digital #PET

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MD, PhD, Radiotherapist, Head of Radiomics GSTeP

Dr. Luca Boldrini

with national and international experience in radiomics with different imaging tools

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The PERL team is composed by young Nuclear Medicine physicians, Haematologists and Radiotherapists, with national and international experience on clinical and research activities on PET/CT in lymphoma. The project PI is Salvatore Annunziata, MD, PhD, Nuclear Medicine physician and head of TracerGLab GSTeP, an institutional research facility dedicated to PET/CT radiopharmaceuticals. During the project, other personnel will be involved such as a dedicated fellow in TracerGLab GSTeP and a data analyst in Radiomics GSTeP.



Our Vision

What are we doing

No studies have been published on the prognostic role of radiomic features derived from baseline 18F-FDG-PET/CT in a large cohort of high-grade lymphoma.

This project aims to gap this knowledge, studying a large dataset of patients in our referral university hospital by an experienced multidisciplinary team. The retrospective nature of this project enables to

collect a large dataset of patients with lymphoma with a long-term follow-up, useful to evaluate the prognostic power of volumetric and radiomic features using the conventional reference standards in lymphoma.


PERL is a the largest monocentric research project on 18F-FDG
Positron Emission Radiomics in Lymphoma


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